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Waimea Copy

Waimea Copy ist a tool which copies files, directories or directory trees to another location in a batch process. Even morethan one directory tree may be copied in one pass.
The option, that only files are copied which do not yet exist in destination or are older than the same file in destination, makes Waimea Copy a perfect tool to process your data backups.
The option to copy files in both directions makes it possible to adjust two directory trees in that way that the most recent files of both trees will be available in both trees after copying. Perfect to synchronize a desktop and a laptop computer.
Waimea Copy is available in German and English.
Waimea Copy copies the files of one or more directories into other directories in one pass. For every source directory you must specify an associated destination directory.
You may define as much pairs of directories as you want.
Copy directory trees
There is an option which copies not only files but also subdirectories.
If you choose this option, all subdirectories and also nested subdirectories will be copied. In other words: the complete tree is processed.
Include files
You may define a list of file names to be included in the copy process.
Using wild names you may include groups of files such as *.jpg.
Exclude file names
You can exclude single files or file groups from the copy process.
Wild names may be used to exclude all files belonging to a name group. *.jpg for example excludes all files with extension jpg.
You may define conditions. Files which do not match the conditions, are not copied. Available conditions are:
  • The file must not exist in destination
  • The file must be younger than a file with the same name in destination
  • The file must be younger or same age as a given date
  • The file must be older than a given date
If you select both of the the first two conditions, you have perfect parameters for backups. Only files that have been changed or which are new will be copied.
Waimea Copy can save file lists and configured parameters to a profile. Profiles may be loaded any time to be used again.
Profiles are perfect tools to design backup szenarios which are to be performed from time to time.
When the copy process has finished Waimea Copy displays a detailed statistic of all actions which have been executed and also of all actions which have not been executed.
For actions which have not been executed, the reason is listed.