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Waimea School

Waimea School may by used by teachers and pupils. It is an application which provides forms which are used mainly in schooles.
The themes of the forms represent the school subjects. A lot of forms help to organize the office, such as printing labels, etc.
Some forms may not be changed, but only printed as work sheet. But most of the forms may be designed or filled out individually before being printed. All changes may be stored and used again later.
Waimea School is available in German and English language.
Example forms
Some paper types used in mathematics are provided:
  • Squared paper
  • Scale paper
Some kind of worksheets used in primary school are available.
All writing sheets used in grdes 1 to 4 are provided.
Those forms may only be printed. They cannot be modified.
Several types of music paper are available:
  • Single lines
  • Packages with 2 lines
  • Packages with 3 lines
  • Packages with multiple lines
Die line packages may be closed with an optional vertical line.
Office and orga
A lot of labels are supported for the office:
  • Address labels in different sizes
  • File labels in diffrend sizes and widths
  • CD Booklets
All labels may be configured individually before printing.
Time tables
Time tables are available in following formats:
  • DIN A5 (portrait)
  • DIN A4 (landscape)
The time raster an column labels may be defined individually.p} All timetables may be designed in different colors.
CD Booklets
CD booklets may be designed in various layouts:
  • Color designs
  • Main title
  • Sub titles
The main title is transferred to the vertical side bars automatically.