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Waimea Report

The report generator Waimea Report formats and prints data of any structure and of unlimited size. Waimea Report is a Data Beautifyer. Plain data is formatted and converted to presentation output.
Create report layouts with the report editor. A report layout defines the complete design of the report. You have multiple options to desing the output format: choose paper format, create headers and footers, use single or multi column layout, group data hierarchically, accumulate values, compute formulas, print page watermarks - and much more.
A comfortable pint preview shows you the output in the form it will be printed. You can zoom the preview and you can navigate through all pages even if you have thpousands fo them.
You can access your database directly. Or you can pass data in a file. Waimea Report understands some usual data formats.
Waimea Report is available in German and English language.
Data source
Data providing
There are different ways to pass data to Waimea Report:
  • Direct access to a database
  • Passing data in a file
  • Providing data via callback function
  • Sumitating data (for testing)
Database access
Waimea Report reads data from your database via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity):
  • Read tables or views
  • Perform joins
  • Define sort order
Provide data in a file
Data can be provided in a file. Following formats are supported:
  • CSV Files (Excel-Format)
  • RCF Files
The RCF-Format Report Control File is documented here (German).
Data via callback
If Waimea Report is integrated into your software package, you may provide all data via a callback routine which is called by Waimea Report every time a new data record is needed.
Data simulation
When developing report layouts it is very helpful to have some test data.
Waimea Report can simulate as much test data as you need.
Integration into projects
Full integration
Waimea Report can be easily integrated into your software.
All API functions are provided in a dynamic library (DLL).
A detailed Technical Documentation (German) describes all API functions.
Start via command line
report can be started as a separate process via command line.
A set of command line parameters lets you control the process.
All command line parameters are documented in the Technische Dokumentation (German).
Developer license
If you are interested in a developer license of Waimea Report, please contact us.
We are pleased to offer you an individual bundle license.
The preview shows a one to one image of all formated data output (what you see is what you get).
The preview may show an unlimited number of pages depending on the data volume.
The preview is interactive. You may:
  • Zoom to any factor
  • Page forward and packward
  • Jump to any page
  • Switch between preview and editor
Printer control
Printer selection
Waimea Report has a sophisticated printer controlling. You may:
  • Print to an explicit printer
  • Print each copy to another printer
  • Print to standard printer
  • Ask the user for the printer
Bin selection
Waimea Report lets you control the printer bins to be used. You may assign an explicit printer bin for:
  • The complete output
  • Every copy
  • Every single page
Paper format
  • Alle DIN-A formats
  • Free paper size
  • Endless paper
Page zones
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Margins
  • Header and footer
  • Single column or multiple columns
Page background
  • Background color
  • Backkground image
  • Any imprints
  • Watermark
  • Full page
  • Single zones (header, footer, etc.)
  • Data line
  • Data cell
  • Lines, rectangles, circles and ellipses
  • Background colors and hatchings
  • Images (bitmap, jpeg, metafile)
  • Formatted text (RTF)
Page numbers
  • Current page
  • Next page
  • Total number of pages
Data formatting
  • Integer numbers
  • Floating point numbers
  • Dates
  • Times
Data alignment
  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
  • Adjust vertical at decimal point
Summing up
  • Page sums
  • Group sums
  • Total sum
  • Scripted sums
Data grouping
  • Multilevel hierarchic groups
  • Any data field controls start of group
  • Optional page feed on new group
  • Header, footer and data zone for each group
Output formatting
  • Data dependent page zone heights
  • Data dependent data record height
  • Paragraph breaks on long texts
  • Break protection
  • Extra long data (multiple pages per data)
Image data
  • Bitmaps, JPEGs or metafiles
  • Automatic sizing
  • Keep aspect ratio
Multilanguage layouts
  • Desing multiple languages in layout
  • Select active language via data field
  • Select active language via script
  • Manual language selection
Script language
  • Event controlled execution of scripts
  • Scripts are embeded into layout
  • Layout modification via scripts
  • Data flow control via scripts
Export to HTML
Waimea Report can export the complete output to a HTML file.
Using this feature you may publish any report in the web.