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Quax Database

Quax Database is a program module which offers a user friendly interface for databases based on a ODBC connection.
Onthe one hand the database structure may be administrated. on the other hand data records may be inserted or edited.
Data records already available in the database tables may be filtered and displayed.
Quax Database is available in German and English language.
Quax Database offers functions for table management. You can:
  • Create tables
  • Edit the structire of a table
  • Copy tables to another database
  • Delete tables
Quax Database offers functions to administrate database views (queries). You can:
  • Create views
  • Edit views
  • Duplicate views
  • Delete views
Quax Database offers functions to administrate the structure of tables. You can:
  • Add new columns
  • Add autoincrement columns
  • Delete existing columns
Quax Database can import tables into a database or records into an existing table. You can:
  • Import a table of another database
  • Import a table from a CSV file (Excel)
  • Import records from another table into an existing table
Quax Database can export tables to a CSV file (Excel Format) or to the MySQL export format.
You can define a filter, if you do not want to export all records but only a subset.
You can select and rename all colunms to be exported.
Separators, codepage and other parameters may be defined for the CSV file.
Edit data in batch process
Quax Database can perform batch operations on the records of a table. You may:
  • Change or clear columns
  • Delete records
  • Define filters to operate only on a subset of records
Data managament
View records
The records of any table or view may be displayed in a mask.
There are a lot of useful functions to operate on records shown in the mask. Some of them are listed below:
  • Define filters to restrict records
  • Sort record set by any column
  • Page forward and backward through records
  • Find records by content
Edit records
The records of a table or view may be edited in a mask.
You may:
  • Edit and save content of columns
  • Add new records
  • Duplicate existing records
  • Delete records
Export mask as form
Ypou can export any mask as form for our product [e] forms & more.
The exported form can be opened with the fomr editor and designed any way you want. The database connection is configured well in the form.