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Waimea PDF Factory

Waimea PDF Factory concatenates documents of various types and creates a resulting PDF file which contains all those documents in a user defined order.
Supported document types:
  • WORD Documents
  • EXCEL Tables
  • PDF Files
The resulting PDF file may be provided with bookmarks which point to the start of source documents in the PDF file.
Source documents
You may add as many source documents to your session as you want.
When adding a document a link is created which points to the real document. The document itself remains unchanged.
You may change the order of the documents any time by Drag & Drop.
Bookmarks may be created automatically in the result file. If you click to a bookmark the PDF viewer jumps automatically to the start of the associated document.
All bookmarks may be named individually. The filename may be used as bookmark if you want.
Page numbers
Page numbers may be created for every page in the result file.
The page numbers may be positioned relative to one of the four page corners. So they can be created for portrait pages as well as for landscape pages.
Font and size of the page numbers may be selected.
Output file
The ouput file is always a PDF file.
The user can decide if the ouput is written always to the same file or if the application asks for an individual file name each time documents are processed.
A confirmation may be requested if the output file already exists.
View result file
The result file may be displayed immediately after beeing created by the standard viewer for PDF files.
This will be Adobe Acrobat Reader in most cases.