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Waimea EXIF

Waimea EXIF is a Windows application which displays the EXIF data of pictures stored as JPEG.
EXIF provides all parameters of the way a photo was taken.The data format has been standardized by the manufacturers of digital cameras. The EXIF data is stored to the picture file together with the picture itself, if the file format is JPEG.
Waimea EXIF can translate the recording time of pictures by a time offset. This feature makes it possible to synchronize pictures taken with different cameras.
Waimea EXIF is available in German and English.
Picture directory
Waimea EXIF displays all pictures and their EXIF data, which are located in a data directory.
The directory is selectable by user and can be located on your fix disk or on a network.
EXIF data display
The EXIF data components of the currently selected image are displayed as table. The left column shows the item name and the right column the item value.
Most Cameras do not provide all possible values. Missing values will not be displayed.
A preview of the currently selected image is displayed. The preview may be switched off to save time.
Translation of recording times
Waimea EXIF is able to synchronize photos taken with multiple cameras whoose clocks have not been adjusted.
The recording time may be translated by a negative or positive time offset.