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[e] forms & more

[e] forms & more is a high end form package which allows you to edit, fill out, print or store any kind of forms.
A high sophisticated Editor has been developed to create form templates. The editor manages easily forms with a complex design. Powerful tools help you to align and adjust all components.
With the form Filler you can fill out any form - no matter if it is created by yourself or by any other party. A lot of forms come together with the product and will be installed automatically. An integrated database access easily transfers data fields from your database into your form's fields.
All forms may be exported to PDF-Files oder HTML-pages.
The Filler is available as a standalone product. This helps you to equip form filling workstations which do not need to design form layouts.
Example forms
Use cases
While setup of [e] forms & more two applications are installed on your computer - the Editor and the Filler.
A set of useful example forms is also installed as well.
The Filler is also available as separate product to equip workstations which are only used to fill out forms but not to create form templates.
Create form templates
Use the Editor to create your own form templates.
Design every page with individual objects. Select portrait or landscape format for every single page.
Compose mutliple design objects with input fields and checkboxes until your form template is finished.
Use the quick test function to try out the currently designed form.
Fill out forms
Use the Filler to fill out form templates which you have created by yourself or which are provided by third party partners.
The template itself is not changed. You always work on a copy of the template.
The well filled out form may be saved or printed.
Database access
Every input field of a form may be connected with a field of a database table.
This makes it possible to read data from a database record instead of manually filling out the form.p} You can also print serial forms. The same template is printed multiple with changing data - one form for each data record.
Create HTML Files
[e] forms & more creates perfect HTML files from your forms.
The HTML files may be displayed in any browser.
JavaScripts for input validation can be created automatically.
Inidvidual scripts for buttun clicks and other events may be embedded.
Create PDF Files
[e] forms & more is a powerful tool to design PDF files.
A form created with the Editor may be exported as PDF file.
On export not only the design components are converted to PDF. Also the input fields are converted to PDF input fields.
Skripts for input validation can be created automatically.
It is not necessary to buy an Adobe Acrobat ™ to create PDF files with [e] forms & more.
Developer tool
Integrate into your software
You can integrate [e] forms & more as a capsuled component to your own software packackes.
The complete interface is provided as a set of API functions in a dynamic library (DLL).
The complete interface is also available as .NET-Component.
Technical documentation
A detailed Technical Documentation helps you to use the interface routines. This document is only available in German Language.
If you want to use the Wincula Script Language you find a description of all Form Script Statements. This document is only available in German Language.
Developer license
If you are interested to integrate [e] forms & more into your own software package, please contact us.
We are pleased to offer you an individual license.
Design objects
  • Lines
  • Frames (flat, shadow, 3D)
  • Circles, ellipses
  • Texts (vertical, horizontal oder any other ancle)
  • Pictures, images, photos (scalable)
  • RTF text with font decorations
Input fields
  • Checkboxes (single check or multi check)
  • Input fields (single line or multi line)
  • Input fields with text spreaded into single characters
  • Combo boxes to select a value from a fix selection
Input validation
  • Value ranges
  • Allowed characters
    (only digits in integer fields)
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Regular expressions
Arranging Objects
  • Align objects
    (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Adjust objects size
    (height, width or both)
  • Snap raster positions
  • Optinal grid display
    (visualize the snap raster)
Automatic data formatting
  • Seperators every three digits
  • Number of digits for integers (leading zeroes)
  • Decimal digits for floating point numbers
  • Explicit display of zero (i.E. -,--)
  • Country dependent dates
    (Order of day, month and year)
  • Time formats (12 hours, 24 hours)
  • Portrait or landscape for every page
  • Print zoom factor
  • Print only contents
  • Print black and white
  • Print named copies
Zoom modes
  • Half page width
  • Full page width
  • Two pages side by side
  • Full page
  • Two pages
  • Multiple pages
Database access
  • Read input fields from database
  • Write input fields to database
  • Select data from database
  • Sort selected records
  • Step from record to record
  • Insert new records
  • Delete existing records
Execute scripts
  • On form events (open, save, print, ...)
  • On input field events (enter, leave, ...)
  • On clicking buttons
  • On clicking objects