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BED Hex-Editor

BED Hex-Editor is a binary file editor which displays end edits files bytewise.
The bytes of the edited file are displayed in two presentations – in a hexadecimal block and as ANSI characters in code page ISO-8859-15. In both presentations changings can be made. Bytes may be edited, inserted or deleted
A search function helps to find byte sequences or strings in the file. Search strings may be cod-ed as ISO-8859-15, UTF8 or UTF16.
With the fill function any area of the file may be filled with byte sequences or strings. Strings may be coded as ISO-8859-15, UTF8 or UTF16. Strings or byte sequences may also be inserted at any position of the file.
The common editor functions cut, copy and paste are implemented as well.
The editor has two operating modes – an insert mode and an overwrite mode which can be toggled any time. The form of the cursor shows which mode is currently active.
BED Hex-Editor is available ion German and English language.