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We offer different license models for our products. Select your preferred license model from one of the following:
Single License
To run a product on a single desktop computer, buy a Single License.
You get a license key which may be activated once at the same time.
The activation may be deactivated and activated on another computer any time. It is not possible to activate a license key on more than one computer at the same time.
Multiple License
To run a product on multiple workstations, we recommend a Multiple License.
You get a license key which you may activate as often as you have workstations to run the product.
We offer nice prices fore Multiple Licenses.
General License
For company wide installations and to bundle our products with your own software packages, we offer a General License.
Eine General license allows to use a product company wide without any limitation or to distribute it bundled with your own software package unlimited.
The license fee is dealed individually with us. It depends on the company size or the size ofthe market in case of a bundle.
Campus License
For universities and schools we offer a Campus License.
A Campus License is pretty the same as a General License. But it is cheaper because we like to support education.